What is better for increasing potency? The answer is simple- Levitra.

Today the pharmaceutical industry generates a variety of means for men to address the problems of an intimate nature. Including associated with erectile dysfunction or even erectile dysfunction. Differences here consist in the severity of the problem.

Danger of erectile dysfunction threatens anybody: it can cause psychological or physiological factor, exhaustion or stress at work. Erectile dysfunction is a medical diagnosis. It replaced the outdated term “impotence” in our time.

One of the latest developments in the opening decision with potency – Levitra Vardenafil drug, whose use began only ten years ago. Contained in the active ingredient preparation, vardenafil, was synthesized in the mid-1990s, in the course of medical research. After testing and optimizing the vasodilating effect of vardenafil, took about 10 years, its sales began.

The principle of action of Levitra is similar with both Viagra and Cialis with. They all inhibit the work of “harmful for the erection” of the enzyme PDE-5. It is produced in the human enzyme interferes with blood flow to the penis, so that the penis does not grow in size and can not be required to purchase for coitus stiffness.

Favorable difference of cheap Levitra is that it starts to act earlier than their peers. That is, it can be used almost immediately before the time of sexual contact, or even during preparation to the next one. In addition, a number of indicators of Levitra vardenafil exceeds Viagra efficiency, and the number of restrictions are received much less.

A number of users who buy Levitra online believe that generic Levitra for “emergencies” when you need to act urgently. Due to the pharmacological action begins earlier than that of counterparts, its effect is faster. This is convenient, as some men who purchase Levitra without prescription or take Viagra and Cialis have experienced the inconvenience of having that effect increases the potency of funds continued when the need for it was not.

Many of those who have not previously encountered with the means to enhance the capacity of men, are wondering how to take generic Levitra? Are there any differences in the use, in comparison with analogues. No drastic differences. The nuance is that Levitra is less in comparison with similar dosage and rapid onset of action.

Better buy Levitra online and take cheap Levitra 15-20 minutes before intercourse. The average effective dosage – 10 mg. Men aged 65-70 years should limit the use of up to 5 mg. For medical advice, a day can not consume more than 20 mg. The duration of the pharmacological effect of the drug lasts about eight hours. The effect does not depend on the ingested food or alcohol.

Levitra limitations and contraindications

For use of generic Levitra there is a number of limitations. They are related to personal allergies or hypersensitivity to the ingredients of Levitra. Moreover, it is contraindicated during the course of treatment in a hospital, anemia, leukemia, myeloma, liver and ulcers. Generally, when any serious health problems should first solve them, and then use the drug for its intended purpose.

Levitra is also not recommended for young people under 25 years of age and people who have had less than six months before the alleged sexual contact heart attack or stroke.
It can be concluded that Levitra will act only in case of sexual excitement, erection will not occur without it.