Generic Levitra – an effective aid for men

The causes of deviations in the erectile function of many: excessive psychological and physical activity at work, poor environment, hormonal disruptions, long-standing chronic diseases, bad habits. And most men are afraid to be not up to par during intimacy.

But do not despair. This problem has a solution. German pharmacists, namely the famous concern Bayer, developed the newest drugs to cure impotence and erectile dysfunction – Levitra.

Mode of action, he is superior to all known drugs in a group of drugs for potency, it helps patients, even in the most severe cases.

This is the only cure for impotence, which can be used in patients with diabetes mellitus. If the disease breaks down the blood supply to the limbs and Levitra only due to its composition can restore erection in this category of patients.

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Impotency and erectile dysfunction, in which a man can not achieve and maintain erection necessary for sexual intercourse successfully treated with modern drugs for potency.

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The effectiveness of drugs is confirmed by clinical studies and patient testimonials, which regained its full pleasure of sex. According to research, a month of regular reception of Levitra vardenafil occurs erection recovery, even with complete impotence.

According to patients, this drug is superior to 10 times the efficiency of popular Viagra and Cialis. The active ingredient of the drug – vardenafil. Available drug in tablets of 20 mg, 10 pcs. in blister. On the back of the blister contains information about the manufacturer, date of issue and period of validity of the drug.

How does Levitra act?

The active substance of the medicament – Vardenafil helps to relax smooth muscle layer of blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow to the penis and there is a natural erection. The action of the drug is fully after a single reception.

Generic Levitra is rapidly absorbed into the blood and the effect occurs after 10 to 25 minutes once. It should be noted that the institution appears not only under the influence of pills, as a result of sexual stimulation. If further treatment dosage of medication can be changed to reduce that does not affect the final result.

The drug does not cause addiction and even with constant use the natural man is guaranteed persistent erection. Time of action of the drug 10-12 hours.

How to take generic Levitra tablet, whether a side effect happens?

In order not to harm their health and achieve the greatest possible effect of taking the drug, you should strictly observe the rules of taking the medicine. And they are quite simple and are detailed in the manufacturer’s instructions.

All you need – to carefully study the information and follow these guidelines.

Levitra vardenafil tablets are for oral use.
Admission is independent from food.
Tablet should be swallowed whole, drinking plenty of fluids.
You need to take the drug for 20-60 minutes before anticipated sexual intimacy.
The recommended daily take one tablet (20 mg).
The dosage of the drug determined by the physician individually. The initial dose may be 10 mg, with a gradual increase (up to 20 mg) or decrease (up to 5 mg).
For elderly patients or those with reduced renal function, the dose is 5 mg.