Levitra- brand new effective drug for increasing potency

Levitra is one of the newest drugs that relates to innovative developments that treats erectile dysfunction. The drug is ideal for treating the male half of the population.

The effectiveness of the drug is proven by numerous clinical studies, it is presented as a real assistant in solving problems in terms of sexual relations. Idyll between partners will be exactly achieved if the Levitra is purchased in a timely manner.

This tool was released more than ten years ago and immediately became popular, its manufacturer is the largest company “Bayer” – Germany. Today not only this drug is popular, but also its generics, no less qualitative analogues.

The drug Levitra price and quality

The medicine is produced in blisters, which have an impermeable surface, tablets, covered with shells. The main active substance is vardenafil, which is a selective inhibitor. You must know that by using Levitra price will undoubtedly match the quality.

Tablets affect the smoothness of the muscles of the penis and relaxes them. The blood immediately begins to surge to the penis and, therefore, there is excitement, accompanied by an erection. Physiological arousal must be present, otherwise the desired effect will not work. If we compare Levitra vardenafil with Viagra or Cialis, it is much stronger in their action.

Pills have no effect on other internal organs, which is a very important advantage.
Main operating ingredient of cheap Levitra – vardenafil at a concentration of 20 mg. The same substance is used and generics of Levitra Vardenafil (analogues) which, unlike proprietary products sold under different trade name with change of the content of some additional components.

You can now buy Levitra online, its price is much lower and more pleasant than that of the patented product.

Who should take it?

The drug is also indicated for the treatment of various forms of erectile dysfunction. Especially it will be useful for men suffering from prostatitis, diabetes, undergoing surgery for BPH. To buy Levitra online it is not necessarily to run to the pharmacies, this and many other high-quality and effective drugs brought in from India, you can order on our website.


Take one tablet per day for about 25-60 minutes before sexual intercourse intended, regardless of the meal. It is worth remembering that in the use of large amounts of fatty foods, the effect may come later.

Recommended to begin treatment with half tablet, and then, depending on the efficacy, the dose is gradually increased to one tablet (20 mg) every 24 hours or decreased to 5 mg. Also, if 20 mg of you is not enough, you have the opportunity we have to buy Levitra 40mg.

Advantages of Levitra

The action of cheap Levitra is based on the relaxation of tone of the pelvic vessels, causing the blood rush back, causing a strong and lasting erection. The effect is felt in 10-20 minutes after administration and for its full manifestation requires sexual stimulation.

Pleasant exposure starts earlier and lasts up to 12 hours (longer than Viagra), which would give the man confidence in anyone, even emergency. If you want to purchase Levitra without prescription, you can easily make it with the help of our website.

Contraindications to receive generic Levitra

Contraindications include age younger than 18 years who are allergic to components of the preparation. Generic Levitra should not be taken simultaneously with nitrates and HIV protease inhibitors (indavir, ritonavir).

With great care it may be combined with other antihypertensive agents (drug enhances their effect) without taking in severe liver, kidney, cardiovascular system.

For a complete list of resources for which you should be careful, it is possible to read in the manual if you want to buy Levitra online.