Levitra: multifaceted action, perspectives of application

What is Levitra?

The main active ingredient of the drug – Vardenafil, which is contained in the same volume as the original medicine. Levitra generic release form – tablets, each of which contains a maximum daily dose of the active substance (20 mg). In addition, the drug entered and auxiliary elements that reduce the risk of side effects.

Below you will find out how safe and profitable generic Levitra: reviews of doctors, contraindications, cost and other useful information.

Levitra: reviews of action

Twenty minutes after taking generic Levitra, which can be bought right now, smooth muscle groin begin to relax and the blood more actively enters the vessels of the genital organs, allowing the erectile tissues can fully filled.

Thus generic Levitra (reviews confirm) creates the ideal conditions for a counter full erection, but not being an aphrodisiac does not cause it. The effect of the drug is achieved only in the case of excitation of natural man.

Levitra: reviews of doctors, contraindications

When the soft and safe operation of generic Levitra, contraindications to its use do exist. Do not rush to buy Levitra online until you are sure that there are no individual restrictions have to accept.

Do not use the drug if you have an intolerance to its components. Regarding other contraindications Generic Levitra, instructions for use of the drug is not recommended at the time of treatment of the nitrogen oxides, nitrates, HIV protease inhibitors.

It is unacceptable to use them in the presence of Peyronie’s disease, hypotension, liver dysfunction / kidney, leukemia, degenerative retinal diseases, peptic ulcer.

There are other restrictions on admission Levitra: reviews of physicians indicate that the drug is not allowed to use in multiple myeloma, aortic stenosis, during the six-month recovery after a heart attack or stroke, as a minor, after sixty-five years.

Generic Levitra: instructions for use and the price

To get the most mild pronounced effect on the drug vardenafil, instructions for use recommends taking it for twenty minutes prior to sexual activity in the following dosages: for a first application of 10 mg (half tablets), the maximum dose of 20 mg (one tablet).

Before taking you should consult with your doctor. For the older group members Levitra vardenafil guide provides a maximum dosage of 5 mg (quarter tablet) and for any other purpose of the attending physician. At any dosage it is strictly forbidden to purchase Levitra without prescription and take the drug more than once every twenty-four hours in order to avoid serious consequences.

You can buy Levitra online if you need a tool that can be combined with fatty foods and alcohol of any strength. As expensive drug under brand Levitra, whose price is much more accessible, is active for eight hours from the moment of reception.

Possible side reactions

Original drug Levitra which price in a pharmacy is too high, can cause the same adverse reactions, that generic. Mostly negative effects are due to incorrect application of the drug, and therefore instructions must be followed very strictly to the safe use of cheap Levitra. Thus, Levitra drug can provoke swelling, nausea, rhinitis, facial flushing, nasal bleeding, dyspepsia, headache, syncope, hypertension, increased muscle tone.

When hypersensitive components, original drug Levitra, analogs generic may cause anaphylactic reaction. When hypersensitive components, original drug Levitra vardenafil, analogs generic may cause anaphylactic reaction.

When hypersensitive components, original drug Levitra, analogs generic may cause anaphylactic reaction.

Generic Levitra 40 mg – is a product that allows you to regulate the erection or to restore it. In the few years that Levitra vardenafil is for sale, means has established itself as an excellent way to restore a weak and / or prolonged erection.

We suggest you buy Levitra online at a price considerably reduced in comparison with the original drugs on the basis of the active ingredient vardenafil, but the effect of the generic did not weaker.